Introducing a means of transforming bike inner tubes (both road and mountain sizes) into tie-down straps! The applications are endless!

IT Clips clip together easily Clip 'em. Hook 'em. Unlimited uses!

Save the Planet! One tube at a time. use IT Hooks when clips won’t work.

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Millions of inner tubes are tossed into landfills each year. Help decrease our environmental footprint.

Recycle! Re-use your bicycle inner tubes!

4 Ways to use IT Clips and IT Hooks

IT Clip Only IT Clip + hooks IT Clip Only IT Clip + hooks

Ever needed a bungee cord or tiedown, but never had the right size? Not a problem with IT Clip and IT Hook fasteners. They’re adjustable and easily linked.

Concerned about tearing clothing with bungee hooks? Not a problem with a couple of IT Clip buckles.

Looking to reduce space and weight while camping? Try carrying IT Hook and IT Clip fasteners instead of rope to tie rainflies, attach sleeping bags to backpacks, and more.

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Thread IT Clips with your old inner tubes

Is it Field Day? Looking for something to use in the three-legged race? Tubes and IT Clip buckles easily adjusted, are soft, and you can get several tiedowns out of one tube.

Need to secure pant cuffs while riding? A short section of tube and a couple of clips, and you’re ready to ride.

Attach golf bags to pull-carts.

Tie skis together before hanging them in a rack

Restrict bike wheels from spinning on a car bike rack

Secure cargo to car roof racks

Make a tube belt to hold your pants up

Use hooks to tie down a tarp to a truck bed

Hang bikes using a hook/clip combination or just clips

Reduce! Re-use! Recycle!

Thread IT Clips with your old inner tubes

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